Farm & Home

Exhibitor Information

-Farm and Home entries will arrive Sunday, July 10, 2022 from 3-6pm. Exhibitors will check in at the entry table to get their exhibitor number and report to each department with their entries.

-The Baked Sale Auction will be Monday evening, following the Little Mr Mason and Little Miss Dixon contest at 8pm, Auctioneer Andy Grothy.

-Entry release will be July 17 at 12pm.

-Checks will be mailed if exhibitors do not pick up their items.

The following categories will be at the 2022 Mason Dixon Fair:

Click on the link for each section to be redirected to a PDF with related information

Department 8 - Open Eggs (CANCELLED FOR 2022)

Department 11, Section 1 - Youth Under 19

Department 12 - Hay and Grain

Department 13 - Vegetables

Department 15, Section 1 - Home Produced Products: Baked Products and Candy

Department 15, Section 2 - Home Produced Products: Food Preservation

Department 15, Section 5-5 - Home Produced Products: Special Baking Contest- Bake with Honey Contest

Department 16, Section 2 - Seasonal Arrangements

Department 17 - Floral Exhibits

Department 19, Section 1 - Photography

Department 23 - Apiary Products