Nightly on the Main Stage


Monday, July 10:

5PM- DJ Mark Fifer, Main Stage

5PM-6PM- Little Mr. Mason and Ms. Dixon Contest Registration, Main Stage

6PM- Little Mr. Mason and Ms. Dixon Contest, Main Stage

7PM- Farm and Home Auction, Main Stage

Tuesday, July 11:

5PM- 9PM-Marshal Stone, Mix

Wednesday, July 12:

5PM- 9PM- Rounded Edges Band, Rock and Mix

Thursday, July 13:

5PM- 9PM- Copper Hill Bluegrass

Friday, July 14:

6PM- 10PM- Double Barrel Bluegrass

Saturday, July 15:

6PM- 10PM- Last Call Band, Classic Rock

Entertainment from 2022 Mason-Dixon Fair:

Copperhill Bluegrass

Foggy Hollow

Double Barrel

Last Call